Improve your organisation’s customer service, employee productivity and compliance by providing your customers and employees:

  • with the information they need
  • when they need it
  • in a form they can best use it.

Colkea can work with you to provide your customers and employees with accurate, clear and concise information, including:

  • details of your products and services
  • your business processes, procedures and policies.

The information is presented in the best form to meet the needs of your customers and employees, including:

  • your website and intranet
  • smart phones and tablets
  • manuals, guides and brochures.

Contact Colkea to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements.


Colkea can assist you improve your sales, customer service and employee productivity by:

  • analysing the information needs of your customers and employees (the audience)
  • structuring the required information so it is easily accessed and used
  • accurately, clearly and concisely documenting the information using combinations of text, images, video and audio, depending on the content and audience
  • making the information available to your customers and employees through your website or intranet from desktop computers, smart phones and tablets
  • establishing systems to ensure the information remains current and relevant
  • providing user guides, quick start guides and online help, where appropriate.

Well structured and managed information improves:

  • sales opportunities by providing your customers with information about your products and services
  • customer satisfaction by allowing your employees to respond quickly and accurately to enquiries
  • employee productivity and efficiency
  • compliance with policies and legislation.

All solutions are tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

See Examples of procedures (tasks or work instructions) to give you an idea of some of the work undertaken by Colkea.

Contact Colkea to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements.


The example procedures (work instructions) are provided to give you an idea of the type of work undertaken by Colkea. They only cover the basics of the sales and purchases process. They relate to business activities performed in most organisations and have been specifically developed for presentation on the Colkea website.

Procedures are generally performed in the order they appear in the menu or sub menu. Experienced uses simply looking to check a less frequently carried out procedure can use the search function.

Note: They are specific to the processes and accounting application used by Colkea.

Sales and purchases

Selling goods and services

  1. Issuing a quote
  2. Issuing an invoice
  3. Recording a payment against an invoice

Purchasing goods and services

  1. Issuing a purchase order
  2. Checking an invoice
  3. Paying an invoice


  1. Invoice
  2. Purchase order
  3. Quote


Please contact Colkea if you would like:

  • further general information
  • to discuss how we can assist you with your specific information requirements.




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