Paying an invoice

Note: This is an example procedure only and is specific to the processes and accounting application used by Colkea.

Paying an invoice

Complete these steps to pay an invoice after completing Checking an invoice before payment.

  1. Log in to Saasu online accounting.

  2. Select Purchases from the main menu.
    Result: The Purchases filter screen is displayed.

  3. Complete these details:
    • Select Unpaid.
    • Start to enter the supplier’s name and select the supplier from the list provided.
    • Enter a date range covering the date shown on the invoice.

  4. Select Show.
    Result: The Purchases screen is displayed showing a list of unpaid purchases for the selected supplier and date range.

  5. Select the checkbox to the left of the purchase corresponding to the invoice to be paid and select PAY.
    Result: The Make Payment screen is displayed.

  6. Complete these details:
    • Select either the date of the direct debit or today’s date if paying by NetBank transfer or BPay as the Date paid.
    • Select Bus Txn Acc from the Bank account drop down list.
    • Enter DDR, if paying by direct debit, NBTFR, if paying by NetBank transfer, or BPAY, if paying by BPay in the Cheque #/reference.

  7. Make the manual payment if paying by NetBank transfer or BPay.

  8. Ensure the details are correct on the payment and select SAVE & CLOSE.