The example procedures (work instructions) are provided to give you an idea of the type of work previously undertaken by Colkea. They only cover the basics of the sales and purchases process. They relate to business activities performed in most organisations and have been specifically developed for presentation on the Colkea website.

Procedures are generally performed in the order they appear in the menu or sub menu. Experienced uses simply looking to check a less frequently carried out procedure can use the search function.

Note: They are specific to the processes and accounting application used by Colkea.

Sales and purchases

Selling goods and services

  1. Issuing a quote
  2. Issuing an invoice
  3. Recording a payment against an invoice

Purchasing goods and services

  1. Issuing a purchase order
  2. Checking an invoice
  3. Paying an invoice


  1. Invoice
  2. Purchase order
  3. Quote